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Parrot Bay

Rescue Foundation

            →The President of the foundation is Tina Godfrey, She was born in Washington State and has loved animals all her life. Tina has been a Veterinarian Assistant for many years. Tina has also had many different kinds of pets in her life. Most pets she has owned have died of old age or medical reasons that could not be cured. Tina moved to Nevada in 1992 and has tried to continue her education on animals. Tina will be going to classes to learn about rehabilitating Nevada wildlife, so the foundation can rehabilitate Nevada wild birds that are hurt or injured.


             →The Treasurer for the foundation is Dale Godfrey, He was born in Florida State and has a passion for animals. Dale moved to Nevada in 2007, as his company was expanding and need him as a driver out here. He has owned his own company in the past and has knowledge on making and holding to a budget. Dale likes to meet new people and talk about the foundation. Dale has owned pets most of his life, he brings much needed experience to the foundation on how to keep us moving forward. Dale has knowledge on how aviaries need to be built and has great idea's for the foundation.



Our Objectives 


  1. To provide permanent Sanctuary to any Psittacines (parrot-type birds) who have no fatal, contagious disease but are otherwise unplaceable in homes;

  2. To develop and build naturalistic habitats (free-flights) for the birds in residence at Parrot Bay Rescue Foundation

  3. To continue working with bona fide avian and animal welfare organizations in an effort to ensure that every parrot in captivity has a safe and loving home and that the remaining wild population is protected from commercial exploitation;

  4. To educate the public about Psittacines, their proper care in captivity and their place in the wild.


    Who we are


    Parrot Bay Rescue Foundation is a life-care facility for captive Exotic birds. In particular we are a refuge for parrots, cockatoos, macaws and other Psittacine birds; although we do accept Passerines (finches and canaries) Columbiformes (doves and "fancy" or racing pigeons) and other captive avian species.
    As a true sanctuary, we do not offer birds for adoption, however we work with and refer birds requiring re-homing to bona fide adoption programs around the country.
    Parrot Bay Rescue Foundation is not a zoo, and does not have regular hours when we are open to the public. With reasonable notice we are usually able to accommodate visitors. Please call Tina or Dale @ 307-214-1012 to make an appointment

    PBRF is located in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. Our remote location affords a peaceful home for our over 20 residents, and minimizes conflict with our human neighbors.


Dale Godfrey
Tina Godfrey
160 Acres to build on
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